Notices & News

1. KIPS DAY Kipsolsav 2020 (On 24th Jan 2020)





Dr. Abraham Karickam 

M.A (Eng.), M.A. (Hist.), Ph.D


Susan Abraham


Senior Principal

Nisha V Rajan



Shibi Johnson

B.Sc (Chem),M.A (Eng),B.Ed

Our Vision

 "Narathvam durllabham lokeVidya tatrasudurllabha""It is so difficult to gain a life in this world. Sound education is greater difficulty than that.." say our stages of the past. Education par excellence, that is our goal. Our ultimate aim is to inculcate eternal values in children so that they become worthy citizens of the nation and builders of better world. Let us all su rvive for one goal: a better future for all

Our Mission

The school is not an isolated institution. it is a living entity with in the society. Our mission is to cultivate a generation who are committed to the society and the nation as a whole.  They have to be nurtured as world citizens. With this goal in mind a series of programs to bring out the best in our students. Value based education is the essence of our mission . "Loka Samastha Sukino Bhavanthu" is the central  philosophy of the school.

Our Goal

Our immediate objective is to provide quality and value based education  to students from all strata of the society and help them realize their latent talents and potential. Our ultimate goal is to mould citizens who are exceptional in their field of activity, who will live in peace and harmony with his/her fellow beings and who will uphold the integrity of the whole creation